Pamela Magahiz for Dumont Borough Council


      A life-long Democrat who has worked for the Democratic Party in mayoral, senatorial and presidential campaigns throughout the Northeast.


      Active in the Dumont Democratic Club, Pamela has sought to strengthen and grow the Democratic Party in Dumont.


      Member of JTO-Direct, an on-line lobbying and advocacy group that supports tighter gun control legislation.


      Member of the Campion Club, Weston Jesuit School of Theology.


      Member of the Boggs Institute, an inter-faith advocacy

organization that provides a variety of services to and for people with disabilities and those who care for them.


      A strong advocate for the rights of seniors and people with disabilities. Having lived with cerebral palsy all her life, Pamela knows from personal experience the importance of meeting the needs of people with disabilities. Because she has worked in nursing homes and senior centers, cared for her ailing grandmother at home, and been the major caregiver for her twin sister after a serious car accident two years ago, Pamela knows the issues facing senior citizens and people with disabilities today.


      Pamela supports increased municipal parking in downtown Dumont to increase the pedestrian traffic thereby increasing the profits for local merchants and keeping the business district strong.



      Pamela supports increased funding for Dumonts fire department and ambulance corps, so they can grow to meet the needs of a growing, thriving community.


      Pamela supports a two-party system of government with both Republicans and Democrats sitting on the Council and working together for the townspeople.