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More Critical Paranoia for the 00's - a Surrealist Dictionary (excerpt)

yarrow, [a' ro yay]
n., The spiritual practice of smashing high-value automobiles into stationary objects.
yashmak, [yam' jak]
vt., To shave the rear portion of the head.
yataghan, [ya a a a an']
adj., Inflated as with gas.
yaud, [aw]
n., A private appeal for leftovers, esp. heartfelt.
yaupon, [yoo' boo ha]
vi., To inundate (an engine or the like) with tears.
yaw, [how]
interj., An expression of religious ecstasy or the like.
yawl, [yu ul']
conj., Word that joins two or more terms, only one of which exists.
yawn, [yum, yob]
n., One of the high nobility of Abalasia, grandee, prince.
yawp, [fzz]
n., A short nap while in motion. vi., To nap while moving.
yaws, [yOdz]
adv., Chatacterized by sudden or habitual lack of unexpectedness.
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