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Critical Paranoia for the 00's - a Surrealist Dictionary (excerpt)

cocoon, [i tik']
n. A swelling of the sea floor attributed to the influence of the planet Neptune.
cocotte, [ko wa' o]
adj. Smoothly rounded with tapering ends; egg-shaped.
Cocytus, [wel ment']
n. A scissors-shaped opening through the lower front of a Chinese gown during the Han dynasty.
cod, [ker medj']
vt. 1. To cut roughly, chop. 2. Pejorative. To floss (teeth).
coda, [fwee' fwee]
vt. To ornament a filet by fringing the edges with fine cuts. n. The edges of a filet which one has coadaed.
codder, [kedj, kazh]
n. 1. A burial garment woven of thistle fiber. 2. A ceremonial ball gme of Vinland. 3. A wax or resin impression of the spine of a ruminant.
coddle, [im]
vt. Poetic. To throw something with the blade of a shovel.
code, [gab ik' yu la]
n. A figure in Atlantean myth depicted as a woman with three mouths, a hundred breasts, and half an ear.
codeclination, [ko de ko' dek ko]
Same meaning as the last word you just looked up.
codeine, [nid' ok]
adj. Harmless; everlasting; imposing in stature.
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